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The Brexit Sprint Strap System is a design collaboration between Crank Info and FCCS Cycling

Product details:

Sprinting straps are bulky and generate drag as the rider travels at high speeds, they also don't really hold the hinge mechanism shut on a Shimano pedal meaning you are still at risk of unclipping. 

Video: How to install the Brexit system

The UCI states - "Modifying equipment used in competition in relation to products supplied by the manufacturer is prohibited for obvious safety reasons. Whether it is a matter of modifying the length of the saddle, adapting approved wheels, filing off fork drop-out safety lugs or meeting the 3:1 rule by adding tape to handlebars. No modification of equipment that is not conducted by the manufacturer is authorised by the UCI without prior approval"

This rule means that bolting anything in to your pedals is illegal. 

The Brexit system allows you to use a one piece solution per pedal that requires no drilling or cable tie fiddling. The tension from your sprinting strap which can now be significantly reduced in size and reduce your frontal area, holds the Look Keo 2 Max pedal shut. There's no need to over tighten your strap like you used to do in the past. 


The Brexit Keo system works with any shoe in combination with Look Keo 2 Max pedals

The system can also be built in to a pair of FCCS shoes. This means a very small sprinting strap can be fastened under the shoe creating a very clean frontal area. 


Included: 2 Brexit Keo brackets (colour black), 2 x straps

(Please note, pre order only, estimated dispatch to be confirmed)

Price includes shipping to UK main land, international shipping charged separately