Crank Info

12 Month Subscription

With your data logger you can now collect high resolution data at 256 times a second from your InfoCranks. That’s a substantial amount of data, 256 points of data  a second is a huge 15,360 points in one minute (Quick maths). We’ve done the hard work for you to make visualising this data a breeze rather than a data handling nightmare.


Here’s what you’re able to do on the Crank Info platform.


  • Your data once uploaded is shown on your dashboard with some of your all time peeks at the top of the page.
  • An over time graph shows you your peek torque from each recording
  • Your files are stored in an easy to view chronological order
  • Key metrics are shown at a glance on your dashboard
  • Open a file and view your data on an interactive graph
  • Turn on and off metrics depending on what you would like to view
  • Compare one file to another
  • Make a selection on the graph to zoom in on your data
  • Live streaming from your session to your coach (requires a coaches account and a data connection) 


Get in touch if you have any questions: